Thatch-covered Enterprise Centre may be the world’s greenest building长江国际娱乐官网登录平台

Prefab thatch wall panels (built indoors during the off season) and materials palette which the Treehugger writer calls ‘almost edible’.

“John French, CEO of the university’s Adapt Low Carbon Group and project director, … was eager that the next generation of buildings at UEA should move away from high thermal mass and a dependence on carbon-intensive concrete, towards natural and locally sourced materials.”


“The building also features a wide array of other sustainable materials including recycled timber finishes, wood wool acoustic boards, spray-on cellulose, and wall coverings made from hemp, nettle fabric and reeds”

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A 3D Printer that builds homes长江国际娱乐官网安卓安卓

Unlike earlier 3D printed houses which used plastic, this one uses clay. Very cool!

The World’s Advanced Saving Project, or WASP, has just unveiled a giant 3D printer that – rather like a real wasp – can build a house out of the stuff.

The 3D printer, called BigDelta, works much like any other you . . . → Read More: A 3D Printer that builds homes长江国际娱乐官网登录平台

New LinkedIn “Tadelakt Professionals” group长江国际娱乐官网网址官网

Ryan Chivers of Atesano Plaster recently started a new LinkedIn group for Tadelakt Professionals.

This group is a forum for professional tadelakt applicators and those involved in tadelakt material sales and formulation. Discussions will focus on technical aspects of the craft as well as the business side of tadelakt installation.

Tadelakt, for those who are . . . → Read More: New LinkedIn “Tadelakt Professionals” group长江国际娱乐官网检测

My lawn is dead. Because I care.长江国际娱乐官网主页

My lawn is totally dead. Because I care.

One of a series of badges promoting water conservation by Katie McKissick

It’s summer. Here in the drought plagued Southwest US, it’s a badge of honor to not water your lawn. It’s even more of a badge of honor to replace it with xeriscape, create water-retaining structures like a berm-and-swale system, and recycle . . . → Read More: My lawn is dead. Because I care.长江国际娱乐官网官网首页

Spread the word about Straw Bale Construction to Romania长江国际娱乐官网检测

UPDATE: The Indiegogo campaign has ended, and we heard today that our new Romanian friends managed to raise €1,266 – not all that they’d hoped for, but hopefully enough to do a lot of what they’ve planned. I’ll update this post more as I hear news.

We recently got word of some people attempting to . . . → Read More: Spread the word about Straw Bale Construction to Romania长江国际娱乐官网检测下载

Los Angeles is first major city to require Cool Roofs长江国际娱乐官网检测

The Los Angeles City Council has voted unanimously to require “cool roofs” for all new and refurbished homes, becoming the first major U.S. city to do so. “Cool roofs” incorporate light- and heat-reflecting building materials, which can lower the surface temperature of the roof by up to 50 degrees F on a hot day, according . . . → Read More: Los Angeles is first major city to require Cool Roofs长江国际娱乐官网安卓娱乐

Straw Bale Construction Building Code (2013 IRC Approval)长江国际娱乐官网在线安卓

On October 3, 2013 the International Code Council (ICC) approved final action RB473-13 as a new Appendix R in the upcoming 2015 version of the International Residential Code (IRC). For details and a link to a copy of the appendix, visit A huge thanks to the hard-working bale heads that spent years making this happen! . . . → Read More: Straw Bale Construction Building Code (2013 IRC Approval)长江国际娱乐官网在线安卓

Lighting section re-do长江国际娱乐官网免费注册

Our lighting section just got a major overhaul, courtesy of meticulous researcher Paul Robbins of the Austin Environmental Directory.

Paul sifted through a lot of material and presents a coherent and understandable overview of the differences between incandescent, fluorescent, CFL, and LED lights. He answers (with numbers to back it up) some of the common . . . → Read More: Lighting section re-do长江国际娱乐官网安卓娱乐

The Solar Camel长江国际娱乐官网app地址

I’ve been following posts from National Geographic journalist Paul Salopek as he walks the path of humans out of Africa, across Asia, over to Alaska, and down to Tierra Del Fuego – a journey that’s expected to take 7 years. So far it’s been a facinating read.

I got a kick out of one of . . . → Read More: The Solar Camel长江国际娱乐官网安卓安卓

Recycling at its finest长江国际娱乐官网地址2019

This one speaks for itself. The LandFillharmonic.